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For the fate of culture – Seoulian

What is Seoulian?

Seoulian is building and exchanging infrastructure with Korean and foreign members to call for business, mutual investment, learning about cultures and languages of each country.
세계의 미래는 한국에서, 우정은 서울에서!!
급변하는 세계의 기술과 환경중에, 오늘 이 시점에서 이 글을 같이 읽는 모든 사람들과 함께 미래와 우정을 나누기를 바라며, 많은 뜻깊은 일들을 함께 하기를 바랍니다.
IT,BIO, 통신 등 앞서가는 기술의 한국에서 미래를 먼저 , 함께 개척해나가면 좋겠으며, 그 안에 숨어있는 우정과 인간애를 여기 ‘서울리안’에서 마음껏 나눌수 있으면 더욱 좋겠습니다

How can we help?

mutual investment

We bring company and investor together – A lot of Korean companies are searching for investment. Especially nowadays there are a lot of foreign investors interested in Korean businesses.

global marketing

With our network, we have indefinite possibilities cooperating with foreign nations in Korea and domestic people, acting as a global marketing agency. We take inquiries seriously and do our best to provide the best possible solution.

chamber of commerce

chamber of commerce and industries are often working with foreign countries. This cooperation can be achieved through our organized exchange programs we offer to our members.

cross-cultural friendship

Seoulian is creating cross-cultural friendships through various programs. Just as tours to Jeju-Island or other culture orientated cities and villages. Furthermore, we organize periodically meetings.


A team of friendly creatives combining
organization and development.

With about 100 different countries residing in Korea Seoulian exchanges cross-cultural friendship through various programs and club activities supervised also by embassies, consulates, liaison offices, various cultural centers, chamber of commerce, armed force and a lot more. each countries playing a big role in non-official diplomacy relations for international senses.


  • Yang

    CEO and Co-founder

    Yang Chang-young
    Phone 010 8736 7776
    Email address

    Representative of School Violence Prevention Cultural Organizations
    Representative of Young Culture Planning Cooperative
    Jongno-gu social enterprise council secretary
    Weekly Seoul Editorial Board
    UCLA Korean Alumni Association General Secretary

    성명 양창영
    생년월일 69.07 23
    전화번호 010 8736 7776

    학교폭력예방 문화단체협회 대표
    젊은문화기획 협동조합대표
    종로구사회적기업 협의회 간사
    위클리서울 편집위원
    UCLA 한국동문회 총무

  • Alex

    CEO and Co-founder

    • Alexander Uttendorfer
    • 아렉스안더 우텐더르퍼


    Alexander Uttendorfer is a Brand Strategist who partners with consulates, executives, and solo entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional organizations, human-to-human. After spending a lot of time for working in PR and marketing for international brands and start-ups Europe wide, Alex knows what truly drives conversions, sold-out launches, and relations. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to.

    He maintains the natural meetings between the various foreign nationalities and Koreans.

    • Representative of the International Student Association of Korea
    • Marketing Director FitBase
    • General Director/Editor in Chief WeeklySeoul

  • Mark

    Marketing & PR Management

    • Mark Balneger
    • 마크 발네거


    Mark Balneger is an Entrepreneur who supports and advises startups on doing business in Korea or abroad. With a background in International Marketing in several European and Asian markets, combined with a great set of people skills, Mark creates a truly personalized connection with every party involved.

    Mark uses trust as a stepping stone towards fruitful business ventures.

    CEO of FitBase
    Startup Mentor of Dutch startups in Korea, appointed by His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, StartupDelta Special Envoy.

  • +6 More

    Jiyoon Kim, strategic planning/Development

    Woochul Song, Business Development

    Donghan Yang, Business Development

    Taehyeon Kim, Logistics & Transport Management Technology

    Ryan Jin, Content Creator

    Mookyoung Kim, Software Development



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